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Western Australia’s flora is captured in unique natural honeys

Honey That Tastes Incredible

The Nude Honey Co are migratory beekeepers suppling Icon Honey with unique West Australian honey varieties.

Blackbutt (Forest) Eucalyptus patens

Sourced from farms near Manjimup, Yallingup, Harvey and Dwellingup

Strong flavoured, darkish honey. Lathered on fresh scones and fresh bread with butter or cream as a great combination or a tasty addition on porridge.

Flowers about November to February

Other Blackbutt varieties

* Dundas Blackbutt

Eucalyptus dundasi

Bremer Bay – Norseman

Flowers February to April

* Goldfields Blackbutt

Eucalyptus lesouefii

Eastern Goldfields

October to December

* Cleland’s Blackbutt

Eucalyptus clelandii

Goldfields area

August to February

Jarrah  Eucalyptus marginata

Sourced from forest and farms near Dwellingup and Harvey

Jarrah is one of the most prized honeys in Western Australia. It’s a thick, dark and rich honey that doesn’t crystalise. We are fast losing our Jarrah forests to logging, so finding it can be difficult and makes it rare. Recent research indicates that it has high antimicrobial levels making it a perfect medicinal honey. We look forward to new information as it is released.

Generally flowers September to January

Wandoo (Whitegum) Eucalyptus redunca var. elata

Sourced from farms at Wandering and Williams

Crystalises but is a very tasty toffee like honey. It’s a favourite in our coffee or for a light marinade for summer barbeques.

Flowers January to February

Marri (Redgum) Eucalyptus calophylla

Sourced from farms in the Cape Naturaliste region

Like Jarrah, Marri honey has recently been proven to have very high antimicrobial properties. Regardless of this fact, we think it is a great multipurpose honey. It is thick and definitely the choice for lemon and ginger tea.

Flowers February to March (sometimes flowers during December and January)

Karri Eucalyptus diversicolour

Sourced from farming properties near Northcliffe and Pemberton.

A light golden colour leaving a soft sweet flavour on the palate. Perfect for crumpets if you don’t want too much sugar!

Flowers through the year but mainly from December or January until April

Peppermint Agonis flexuosa

Sourced from local farms around Cape Naturaliste

With a tangy peppermint flavour – peppi is popular because it is really different. There is no research into it properties, however, for local people with allergies, it is recommended as a potential way to build up tolerance to the blossom.

Long flowering period from spring to late autumn


Sourced from the north Bindoon to Greenhead near Beekeepers Reserve

This honey has a distinctive floral flavour, a result of the bees searching in an abundant area of native flowers. Each year brings a changing flavour depending on what the bees find and generally, the honey will crystalise fairly quickly. A great honey for fruit salads and salads.

We head north for flowers in autumn

Beekeeper Direct

We love bees.

“Beekeepers don’t make honey, Bees make Honey- Beekeepers look after Bees…..”
– a favorite quote from “Fat Bee, Skinny Bee” by Doug Somerville

Honey’s unique health benefits are the subject of folklore.  It’s now a scientific fact that some honeys have excellent natural antimicrobial activities and in the near future we may know more about how and why certain honeys reduce inflammation or prevent hay fever and similar allergies.

Beekeeper direct raw honey ensures your honey has all the natural flavours and enzymes preserved.

modern Beekeeping techniques

The Nude Honey Co. makes use of Polystyrene hives and remote monitoring technology available from Modern Beekeeping Australia.

Visit Modern Beekeeping for your Beekeeping supplies and nucleus colonies.

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