Paradise BeeBoxes

Nude Honey Co have been using the Paradise Beebox and are now stocking equipment in WA so that other enthusiasts can gain easier and more cost effective access to this high performance beekeeping equipment.

The Paradise Polystyrene Beebox is a significant update and cultural change to the standard 22mm pine box. The boxes have been compatible with other wooden and plastic supers and will stack easily.

Having been an amateur using 8 Frame wooden boxes for 10 years now I feel justified in making a few observations.

  • Guilfoyles make an amazing wooden box. I would buy their wooden boxes over any other.
  • My experience with plastic boxes is that they are really easy to assemble but quite heavy and relatively thin walled and offer no insulation. (google bunyip beekeepers infra red hive photo)
  • They are about 50mm bigger than wooden boxes. This affects how many fit on trucks or trailers.

As an average beekeeper transitions from using wood or plastic to poly’s there’s an increase in levels of enjoyment.

Here is a summary of my experience:

  • Most importantly the bees are very comfortable on the outside frames of the box because they are warmer and  inevitably appear to perform better, producing more brood and honey.
  • I love the handles on the supers.
  • Everything else is secondary.
  • The hives are very quick and easy to assemble.
  • They are really light.
  • Painted & Assembled they’ve been a similar price as a finished box from local supply shops.
  • The Supers are softer on my hands and body & easier to handle and move around.
  • The interlocking rims are strong and make hives easier to move than wooden hives. Especially on a trolley.
  • There’s no damage to the rims from my hive tool due to the plastic reinforcing.
  • They are hard to break. (have not broken one yet)
  • And most importantly, They outperform my wooden hives.

Check out WA prices here.