The Nude Honey Co  – Local and Regional Honeys

The Nude Honey Co are purveyors of unique South West Australian varieties from our Honey Gallery on Caves Rd in the Margaret River Region.  We are located a short distance from Dunsborough.

Our WA Honey Gallery is housed in Happs Pottery.

Western Australia’s flora is captured in it’s unique natural honeys.

Tastings Available 11am to 5pm daily.

The Nude Honey Co currently has the following Western Australian honey varieties in stock:

Honey Au Naturaliste

  • Karri
  • Blackbutt
  • Jarrah
  • WA Manuka
  • Spring Honey
  • Soon- Local Peppi

NEW – Manuka seedlings for Sale

We have a limited number of Manuka Tea Tree (Leptospermum scoparium) seedlings.

Grown here in Western Australia from seed stock imported from Tasmania. 

This is a potentially active Tasmanian cultivar and was grown from wild collected seed.

The release of this small batch of plants is intended to allow people to experiment growing this adaptable plant.

Visit our SHOP to buy yours today.

Queen Bees, Nucleus Hives, Mentoring & Support

We support local Beekeepers and Flow hive users by supplying queen bees and nucleus hives and can be encouraged to do site visits and answer questions.

Visit our store to order your nucleus hives, queen bees and hives.

Modern Bee Hive Equipment

  • The Paradise Beebox is a European designed and made hive system that we stock and sell into Western Australia
  • Hive Mind Satellite Monitoring Equipment- let yourself become a better bee keeper.
  • Vita American Foul Brood Test Kits